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Square Shower Floor Drain with Removable Grille Cover

Upgrade Your Shower Experience with DEOKXZ's Sleek and Durable 6 Inch Brushed Nickel Square Shower Floor Drain

- Tile Insert Hidden Form: The drain has a tile insert hidden form that allows it to blend seamlessly with the shower floor tiles, creating a sleek and modern look. This feature also ensures that the drain does not detract from the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.
- Efficient Drainage: The DEOKXZ 6 Inch Brushed Nickel Square Shower Floor Drain has a large drainage area that allows for efficient water flow, preventing water from pooling on the shower floor. This feature ensures that the shower area remains

DEOKXZ 6 Inch Brushed Nickel Square Shower Floor Drain is a high-quality and stylish solution for your bathroom drainage needs. Made with SUS304 stainless steel, it is durable, rust-resistant, and ensures long-lasting performance. The brushed nickel finish adds a modern touch to your bathroom decor. The square shape of the drain and the removable grille cover tile insert hidden form make it easy to clean and maintain. It is designed to fit standard 2" PVC, ABS, and cast iron drain pipes. With its sleek and functional design, this shower floor drain is perfect for any bathroom renovation project.