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Neodrain 24-Inch Linear Shower Drain

Upgrade Your Shower Experience with Neodrain's 24-Inch Linear Shower Drain - Premium Quality Brushed 304 Stainless Steel with Tile Insert Grate for a Sleek and Modern Look!

- Efficient Drainage: This shower drain is designed to provide efficient drainage, ensuring that water flows out of your shower quickly and smoothly. This helps to prevent water accumulation and reduces the risk of slips and falls in the shower.
- Versatile Design: The Neodrain 24-Inch Linear Shower Drain has a rectangular shape which makes it suitable for use in a wide range of shower designs. It is also available in different sizes, allowing you to choose the o

The Neodrain 24-Inch Linear Shower Drain is the perfect solution for a sleek and modern bathroom design. This professional brushed 304 stainless steel rectangle shower floor drain is manufactured with high-quality materials and designed to last. The tile insert grate seamlessly blends into your bathroom floor, creating a seamless and stylish look. The 24-inch length of the drain allows for efficient water drainage, ensuring that your shower stays clean and dry. This floor shower drain is easy to install and maintain, making it a hassle-free addition to any bathroom renovation project. Upgrade your bathroom with the Neodrain 24-Inch Linear Shower Drain and enjoy a luxurious and functional shower experience.